What is a beacon?

Beacons are wireless devices utilizing Bluetooth 4.0
(BLE- Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol to broadcast tiny radio signals around them, allowing Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices – like your Phone – to “talk” to them within a defined radius.

It enables you to design a totally new user experience at the POS or anywhere from a fair to a promotion or even go viral into the heart of the competition.
Just imagine how hard it is to find a beacon hidden at the competitors POS :-)

  • Mini-Ortungssender auf Basis von Bluetooth-Technologie.
  • Beacons stellen am POS Verbindung zw. Smartphone & Marke her.
  • Der Kunde erhält indiv. & relevante Infos, Promos, Aktionen, Tipps etc.
  • Die Navigation am POS wird erleichtert.
  • Die Marke kann Kunden gezielt tracken & targeten.

Let the BEACONS work for your marketing.

There is no doubt that BEACONS will open up millions of possibilities for Brands and Marketeers to create truly innovate experiences, campaigns and services. We would love to show you some projects we did. Let us discuss the possibilities to develop beacon-campaigns with revenue-driven connections to your consumers.

Why we <3 this technology so much?

Because in our opinion it creates huge opportunities to connect the most used media channel of consumers – the phone – in a very meaningful way to brands and takes the APP as an everyday tool to a new whole new level at your POS.