“Technology is a major
driving force for effective marketing.”

The difference today is, that in most cases your costumers are closer to the technology than your marketing.
The good news about that:
Your costumers will not be scared about innovative and technology driven marketing campaigns. Instead, they will LOVE IT.

Digital Disruption doesn´t stop for marketing. Get your communication in every sense ready for the future – before your competition overtakes you.

Because today there is a new rule on the block:
Not the big wins over the small but the fast over the slow.

So gear up my friend!

Beacon 2 CRM

Beacon campaigning

APP based beacon navigation


Guerrilla beacon marketing

Campaign adaption to beacon technology

Beacon supported Promotions

Revenue based beacon concepts

Performance based beacon campaigns

360 degree scripting

internal coaching videos


Location scouting

Pre Production

Full on 360 degree production

Seeding concepts Brand 2

Video fitting concepts

Full 360 degree movie production

360 Cutting & Editing

Premium content concepts