What is 360 degree Video and virtual reality?

The 360 degree technology lets you experience a perfect 360 degree video on a simple smartphone and even a desktop computer or laptop. The movie view follows the moves of your interaction and lets you discover places and situations like never before…

To make it short:
It really is amazing. We will show you the 360 standards of today and our ideas for your brand tommorrow in a personal presentation.

Show off your stuff!

Since Youtube and FACEBOOK made it possible to view 360 degree videos on their platforms there is no ending to this new video trend. But not everyone that has a couple of go pro cameras and a rack is able to do this. It takes a lot of experience  to write a good and exciting script to really give 360 its full effect and a lot of marketing experience to make it work in a brand strategy.

Why we <3 it so much?

We see 360 VR as the new golden standard for premium contentmarketing. Because it gives you totally new possibilities to create attention for your content in order to create deep costumer involvement and conversion. Let us show you what we are talking about and contact us.

By the way: Creating premium content will not only create attention, it can also end up creating new revenue streams.